eMule Plus COM


An eMule version adapted to the new era


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eMule Plus COM is a brand new eMule client that lets you use a program that's similar to what made so many users happy for years, adapted to modern technology and with new amenities.

eMule Plus COM comes from a new way of e-links that show the best downloadable material of music, movies, series, software, video games, and global downloads. Also, it offers syncing to RSS and allows you to add downloads from any website easily!

Just like what happend with the old e-Mule, with this version of the application you'll be able to download practically any file that comes to mind -- whether it is a movie, song, game, or document -- and share it with the ease of any file from your computer.

The best part of the application is that thanks to its file exchange system you can access the material of millions of other users as easily as they can check out yours! After taking into account of this, you can choose who you want to share with.

eMule Plus COM is an easy to use application, that lets you download a ton of files of any type in a jiffy. Without doubt, this is one of the best ways to download the movies that you're looking for.

Files are verified when downloading to improve the download speed by reducing corruption, optimized IP filter, other minor improvements in functionality, and IRC integration.

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